Fire & Ice Experience for men

Fire & Ice Experience
one day workshop for men

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Location: Quart - Girona
19 November 2023

Fire & Ice Experience for men

Immerse yourself in the cold ice and feel the heat of the fire! See how your boundaries fade and your comfort zone expands during this magical one-day exclusive for men: Fire & Ice Experience.

Are you ready to connect with your masculine energy on a deep level? To experience how you can get things done without using ‘force’ but from the connection with your ‘power’? Come to this special men’s day and surprise yourself.

The ice and fire will help you to get out of your head and really feel what is happening in your body. Together with a group of men you will discover how breathwork and visualizations connect you to your heart.

‘Are you curious about what the fire and ice have to tell you? Then this day is something for you!’

Roald provides pleasant and calm guidance. First some exercises and meditation. Then slowly introducing the breathing exercises. I entered the ice bath at my own pace. After 1.5 minutes i had my first release. After 2 minutes and guidance from Roald, I was able to really let go. Days later I still feel it. Tension left behind. Energy is flowing better.


What do you gain from this Fire & Ice Experience?

  • A wonderful day outside in nature
  • Being together with like-minded men
  • You experience your ‘inner fire’
  • Manifesting from ‘power’ vs ‘force’
  • Out of your head, into your body
  • Recharged and deeply connected to yourself

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This day is all about experiencing and feeling. We will work with breathwork, meditation, ice bath and end with a fire ceremony. At the end of the day, the connection with yourself, your masculine energy and others is increased.

9:30 am – walk-in
10:00 am – start
5:30 pm – end

A delicious vegetarian lunch will be served and there will be plenty of drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Quart, Girona. After registration you’ll recieve an email with the exact locatie and what to bring.


Who is your guide during this day?

Fire & Ice Experience for men is supervised by Roald Ploegmakers. Roald is a certified Wim Hof ​​Method (WHM) instructor. He is also a bodyworker and regression therapist. He is an expert in the field of men’s work, personal leadership and interviews all kinds of leaders in his ‘Conscious Leader’ podcast. With a backpack full of mediumistic gifts and coaching skills, he guides men from his heart and with great pleasure in connecting with their strength, with their feelings, with their heart.


Read more about Anahata and her team (in Dutch)

Practical information

For this powerful Fire & Ice Experience, you invest €155 in yourself.

For whom?

Do you want to stretch your own comfort zone? Do you want to discover how much more ‘power’ you have than you might think? Do you want to get out of your head and instead listen to what your body is saying? Do you want to know what it is like to experience a deep connection with yourself and other men?

Then this men’s day is something for you!

It’s not necessary that you have experience with all the methods we offer. However, we prefer an open mindset and a willingness to ‘go for it’.

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What do you receive?

  • Breathwork: the Wim Hof ​​breathing
  • Fully supervised ice bath
  • Deep meditation and visualization
  • Fire ceremony
  • Coffee and tea with sweets
  • Connection with like-minded
  • Guidance by certified Wim Hof ​​instructor
  • Delicious vegetarian lunch
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