Silence Retreat Spain

Silence retreat

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Location: Spain - Gerona
06 to 09 October 2023

Silence retreat

Take time to return to yourself, to enjoy nature, feel the warmth and embrace the peace. Let yourself be pampered for a week and come back to yourself. For a few days you don’t need to do anything accept relax, heal and recharge.

Do you feel the need to have time for yourself? Do want to think less and feel more? That’s possible during this silence retreat in the beautiful nature in the north of Spain.

The silence invites you to restore the connection with yourself on a deep level. It helps you to balance your energy system and strengthen your souls presence and awareness in your body.

‘Are you curious what the magical world of silence has to tell you? Then this silent retreat is for you!’

Susanne knows how to create a pleasant and safe atmosphere from the start. She guides you calmly and professionally through the sessions. Susanne is very knowledgeable and a pleasant support. She knows how to use her gift and talent in a beautiful way.


What do you gain from this silence retreat?

  • A lovely long weekend in nature where you (for once) really have the time for selfcare.
  • Healing and personal growth
  • More connection in every area of your life.
  • An increased sense of well-being: a more balanced energy system.
  • Recharged and ready to feel the deep connection with yourself (again).

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During this silence retreat you will reconnect with yourself. Everything revolves around ‘coming home to yourself’. We work with all layers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The themes we are going to work with are:

  • Sink into the silence – What do you hear in the silence? What kind of resistance do you come across with in the silence? You don’t have to chit chat with anyone, instead you can completely focus on yourself. Connect to who you really are, that’s the invitation of silence.
  • Coming home to yourself – Being present in your body is a challenge for almost everybody. Traumas, fears and old programs are often stored deep in our body. This affects the flow of our energy system. By sending loving attention to this old pain inside of us, our flow of light, energy and abundance can be restored again.

Our program has a fixed structure with enough time to relax by yourself. After you arrive at 4 p.m. at our retreat location you’ll have time for a soft landing before we enjoy a lovely diner. After that we’ll start with an opening ceremony. Every day we’ll start with meditation or yoga before breakfast. After that there is a morning session and a warm lunch. You can enjoy your siesta after lunch and join for the afternoon session followed by supper. The last morning we will close together after breakfast. At 10 a.m. we say goodbey to eachother.

You’ll have enough time to enjoy nature or relax at the pool.

The meals are prepared with lots of love! We eat vegetarian, super nice and healthy food so you’ll get the best fuel to contribute to your healing and wellbeing.

€895,- including VAT.

Who is your guide during this silence retreat?

The silent retreat is guided by Susanne Amoraal and/or Roald Ploegmakers. They are the founders of Anahata and have been working with energy for years. Susanne has a lot of experience with systemic work, energetic perception and bodywork. Roald is a transformative coach and regression therapist. He is an expert in the field of personal leadership and interviews all kinds of leaders in his ‘Bewuste Leiders’ podcast. With a backpack full of psychic abilities and coaching skills, they guide people with love and pleasure in connecting with their strength, with their heart, with their home.

Read more about Anahata and her team (in Dutch)

Practical information

For this unique Silence retreat you invest €895 in yourself. This amount is based on a stay in a 4 persons Nature Lodge and a shared bedroom. Surcharge for a private room can be found on the page about our location (in Dutch). You can make your choice known when registering.

In many cases it is possible to ask your employer to pay for the retreat or to enter it as training costs in your own company.

For whom is this silence retreat?

Do you need time for yourself? Do you feel it is necessary to create more space for you? Do you need silence to connect with yourself on a deep layer? Are you longing for a moment where you only have to worry about you?

Than this silence retreat is what you’re looking for!

It’s not necessary that you have experience with all the methods we offer. However, it’s a pre if you already know a little bit about energy work and have set some steps in your journey to self-development.

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What do you receive?

  • Profound sessions and beautiful ceremonies.
  • A save place where you can totally be who you are.
  • (re)Connection with yourself.
  • Lovely local, vegetarian meals (3 x breakfast, 2 x lunch en 3 x supper).
  • Coffee and tea with sweets.
  • A meditation- or yoga session every morning.
  • A stay of 3 nights in a comfortable lodge in the middle of nature (area Girona).
  • Free use of swimming pool, sunbeds and garden.
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€895,- including VAT.